Custom cabinetry


How to choose quality cabinets

When renovating your kitchen or bath, one of the significant decisions you’ll need to make is about cabinets. They need to be highly aesthetic and functional, and are the foundation of a room, and are noticed immediately. They also comprise about 35% of the remodeling cost. Read on to learn about choosing the best one for you.

Three types

Stock cabinets are factory mass-produced and ready to ship as soon as the order's placed. They come in standard colors, styles, finishes, and sizes, and no customization is possible. Semi-stock is a stock cabinet, but you can change a few things, such as the size of drawers, door fronts, or depth. You can do whatever you want with custom cabinets because the designer or architect draws up plans and sends them off to a workshop where a skilled craftsman builds them.



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Benefits of custom cabinetry

One of the questions we hear most often is whether or not someone should invest in custom kitchen cabinets. We explain that although they seem to be the more expensive option, they are more affordable in the long-term. They’ll last for decades so that you won't spend money on costly repairs or premature replacement. They’ll even add value to your property; it’s possible to recoup 85 to 100% of remodeling costs when the kitchen is done well.

The lumber is hand-picked to get even more specific, so the end-product is thick and robust, with panels that have consistent grain patterns; high-quality varnishes guard against stains and enhance moisture resistance. Did you know that even the wrong fixtures can damage cabinets? They can be loose-fitting, causing dents and chips, or can snag or even dry them out.

The style itself may be reason enough to go with custom. You choose the design, size, storage, hardware, and accessories. This is especially important when the bathroom cabinets also have to work well with sinks and countertops. One of the most significant differences between custom and the others is the almost unlimited number of custom color matches, specialty glazes, and die stains. Remember, stock cabinet production needs to be fast and uncomplicated, so colors and glazes are always basic. With custom, even distressing is done by hand.

We started our career 25 years ago by creating custom cabinetry in a garage and have grown to become the largest custom cabinet and flooring company in the area. Visit the Redwing Custom Cabinets and Flooring showroom in Boyd, Wisconsin, to learn more about us and our products. We work with homeowners, builders and designers in and around Boyd, WI, Cadott, WI, Chippewa Falls, WI, Cornell, WI, Eau Claire, WI, Stanley, WI, Thorp, WI && Eleva, WI. Ask about your free custom cabinetry quote.