What to consider when buying hardwood flooring

Homeowners, builders, and designers agree on one thing: Wood floors add visual interest, what with their classic good looks, gorgeous undertones, knots, swirls, and grains. Choosing the right hardwood flooring isn’t a simple matter of selecting only species, however. Please read further to see how you can select the best one for you.

Budget: an essential consideration

Contrary to what many may think, a hardwood label doesn’t mean they're all the same, and individual species determine the cost. For example, exotic species are typically more expensive than some common domestic woods. Keep in mind that price is also affected by plank size, finish, and even installation.

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Decide if you want solid or engineered wood flooring

They might look similar, but engineered construction is different, resulting in wooden floors that are stable and have a better ability to handle water. Solid is, as it sounds, one thickness throughout while engineered is layered. At the top is your species-of-choice with undertones, knots, and swirls, but underneath are three or more layers of genuine wood combined with a little resin and then placed in a crosswise position. Like solid, this hardwood can be refinished and adds value to a property. Unlike solid, no acclimation is necessary, and it can be installed in any house grade, including the basement. Engineered also offers an additional installation technique, the floating floor, a fast and uncomplicated click, mat, and hover.

Think about species

First, determine your preferred shade, light, dark, or medium. Do you like many knots, grains, and swirls, or would you choose something more subtle? Would you rather have a domestic (harvested in North America) which is warmer and more traditional or an exotic (harvested outside) which is harder, darker, and more dramatic?

Think also about factory finish vs. on-site finish. When everything is done at the factory, you’ll know what you're getting and will have exact samples on hand so you can start coordinating. It’s also a faster installation, and you won't have any mess or odors. However, some prefer on-site because there’s a wider variety of stains and finishes, and you'll have greater control over sheen.

It will help if you think about these things before you even start shopping for hardwood flooring; you’ll have the advantage of knowing what you want in advance. Come into the Redwing Custom Cabinets and Flooring showroom in Boyd, WI. We work with homeowners, designers and builders in and around Boyd, WI, Cadott, WI, Chippewa Falls, WI, Cornell, WI, Eau Claire, WI, Stanley, WI, Thorp, WI || Eleva, WI. Be sure to ask about your free wood flooring quote!