Waterproof flooring in Boyd, WI from Red Wing Custom Cabinets and Flooring

Where can I install waterproof flooring?

Waterproof flooring is terrific for high moisture areas, like the bathroom, commonly known as the "wettest room in the house," but the high-end style makes it just as great for any room.  After all, you can just as easily spill a cup of coffee in the bedroom or drag wet towels into the dining room from the pool by the adjacent deck. You’ll always have peace of mind for those “oops” moments we all know so well.


These are the two technologically advanced cores associated with waterproof vinyl flooring, a luxury vinyl (LVF) material but engineered with 100% waterproof materials. In and of itself, Vinyl is waterproof, as are the stone plastic composite (SPC) or wood plastic composite (WPC) cores that won’t peel or ripple ever.  As a result, you can spill on it or submerge it, and the liquid will never seep through.  

These floors have all the styles of LVF with 3D photographic images, micro beveling, embossing, and textured appearances.  You can have it cut into long planks to mimic hardwood or square, groutable tile-sized pieces to echo stone.

Does waterproof laminate flooring exist?

Yes, and it’s what people have been waiting for!  This flooring has a unique construction so that spills will never soak through and stain.  While original laminate flooring is highly resistant to water, there is always a possibility, however remote, that a spill can seep through to the core.  Not with this, so go ahead and spill that cup of coffee or gallon of milk and be stress-free!

To learn more about the fantastic benefits of waterproof flooring, come into the Red Wing Custom Cabinets and Flooring showroom in Boyd, Wisconsin.  We work with homeowners, builders, and designers around Boyd, Cadott, Chippewa Falls, Cornell, Eau Claire, Stanley, Thorp, and Eleva.